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Submitted by Web Master on 10 March 2021

Guluka Kwalala Youth Environmental Group (GYEG) is a non-profit making organization founded on 22nd September, 2003 by a group of youth with an initiative of wanting to change the marginalized communities by empowering youth in the areas of environmental conservation, good governance and human rights as well as preventing and controlling HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse.


 a. To develop various programs which will boost transparency and accountability in strengthering Good Governance, Deserved Human Rights, Environmental reservation as well as the fights against drug and HIV/AIDS in the community.

b. To Establish and Develop various programs on environmental reservation and using forest resources, land, water and wildlife for reduction.

c. Conducting programs on Good Governance, Human Rights and Gender equality to strengthern transparency and accountability to the government leaders and the society as whole.

d. To develop programs which will promote economic and communication progress as the tools for community development.

 e. To establish programs which will promote proper utilization of resources for such resources to satisfy the needs of present and future generations as a way of sustainable development

 f. Finding out on regulations which block the establishment of programs concerning education on entrepreneurship and self reliance for the youth.

 g. To develop programs of empowering women, youth and other groups within a community whereas the programs will be the tools to reduce poverty.

 h. To perform other programs which will develop the goals for Guluka Kwalala Youth Environment Group.

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