Meet The Team

  • Semkae Kilonzo | Executive Director

    Semkae Kilonzo began work at Policy Forum in 2007 as the lead responsible for media, communication and advocacy at the network’s secretariat office as part of the organisation’s desire to see policy analysis information widely disseminated to policy makers, civil society and the general public. He has since assumed the role of Coordinator, heading the Secretariat. He is also on the Steering Committee of the Global Movement for Budget Transparency, Accountability and Participation (BTAP). Semkae holds a Masters degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Cardiff University, U.K. and received his earlier media training in Dublin Ireland and the Tanzania School of Journalism. He is also an alumnus of the Public Service Accountability Monitor (Fundamentals of Social Accountability Monitoring Course) of Rhodes University, South Africa. Among his many interests, Semkae is passionate about encouraging public participation in policy making and championing the equitable use of public resources.”

  • Richard Angelo | Manager - Local Governance
    Richard Angelo is a graduate of the University of Dar es Salaam where he pursued Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and graduated in 2006,He previously worked at HakiElimu as an intern and later as a consultant at its media unit.He joined policy forum in 2008 as a Programme Assistant- Media, Communication & Advocacy and is currently the Manager for Local Governance. He is also an alumnus of the Public Service Accountability Monitor (Fundamentals of Social Accountability Monitoring Course) of Rhodes University, South Africa and has also attended Training of Trainers (ToT) on SAM. His interests are writting and social development.

    Prisca Kowa | Senior Officer - Local Governance & Stakeholders Relations

    Prisca Kowa works at Policy Forum as a Senior Officer for Local Governance and Stakeholders Relations. Prior to acquire that position she worked as a Program Assistant for Capacity Enhancement and later a Program Officer for Local Governance. Before joining Policy Forum, Prisca worked with CARE International and Aga Khan Foundation respectively. In both organizations she worked around community development projects. Prisca possess a massive experience on local governance related issues and how they are administered in Tanzania. Academically, she holds a Master Degree of Research and Public Policy and a Bachelor Degree of Sociology both from the University of Dar es Salam. She is also an alumnus of the Public Service Accountability Monitor (Fundamentals of Social Accountability Monitoring Course) of Rhodes University, South Africa. Her passion is to see the implementation of policies results to the improved lives of Tanzanians within their locales.

  • Rashid Kulewa | Driver

    Rashid Kulewa joined Policy Forum in the year 2010, He completed his certificate course in computer studies at ICL Training Centre. He had worked with different organizations like, FHI as a driver and Axios Foundation as an Assistant Logistic Officer/Driver.Rashid's interest is to see that the Tanzanian's benefit from their country's resources.

  • Gibons Mwabukusi | Finance & Administration Manager
    Gibons Mwabukusi joined policy forum in 2010 as Finance and Administration officer. Before joining Policy Forum he worked with various NGOs in the same capacity. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Accountancy from the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy and holds a CPA. He desires to see Policy Forum at the forefront of governance and accountability advocacy.
  • Amani Ndoyella | Administration Assistant
    Amani Ndoyella joined Policy Forum in 2004 after completing his National Board for Materials Management (NBMM) Certificate. He is now in charge of the logistics, office inventory, and cataloging of information of members of the network. Amani is interested to see that Tanzania's resources are used effectively inorder to make people's life better.
  • Elinami John | Manager - Advocacy & Engagement

    Elinami John joined Policy Forum in September, 2016. He previously worked as a programme officer in charge of information access and press freedom at the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT). He completed his undergraduate and honours degree with University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He holds a Masters’ degree in Media and Communication from Karlstad University, Sweden. He is more interested in exploring the dynamics of the globalization of the media and communication and its implications for society. He desires to see a state which efficiently and effectively allocates and manages its resources based on the needs and priorities of the citizens.

    Iman Hatibu | Gender Focal Person & Programme Assistant - Advocacy & Engagement
    Iman Hatibu joined Policy Forum in 2017 as a Programme Assistant-Advocacy and Engagement. Iman has a background of Law where she completed her undergraduate studies at Tumaini University. She has previously worked for UN Association of Tanzania (a member of Policy Forum) on the field of Organization Development as the internship program supervisor where she acquired training from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) in Härnösand, Sweden. She has worked in the field of communications and advocacy for Sustainable Development, Human Rights, Good Governance, Democracy, Peace and Security. Iman brings with her a wealth of experience in advocating for a range of human rights issues, having participated in human rights movements from a young age at University. She has a unique ability to understand the complexity of human rights and gender issues and she is proactive in forming integral partnerships and relationships to collaborate and work together in this challenging area.
  • Nicholas Lekule | Manager - Budget and Policy Analysis

    Nicholas Lekule joined Policy Forum in 2013 and works with the organisation as a manager responsible for Policy and Budget analysis. He has over ten years’ experience working with the Civil Society sector in Tanzania. At Policy Forum, Nicholas coordinates the work of the Budget Working Group (BWG) and that of the Tanzania Tax Justice Coalition (TTJC). The former brings together CSO whose work focuses on analysis of policies and budgets at the national level while the latter is a loose coalition of CSOs interested in seeing tax justice prevailing in the country.


    Nicholas has vast experience in the area of public financial management/good governance. He has for a number of years now been involved in analysis of public policies including budgets, bills related to public financing and engagement with policy makers with the aim of improving policy processes to ensure that the existing policies as well as those that are being made work for the betterment of the lives of the people. Over the years of working with policy makers, he has seen improvements in policy processes and appreciation of the CSOs work by policy makers. Nicholas holds a Master’s degree in Development Policy and Practice for Civil Society offered by Bradford University. He is also an alumnus of the Public Service Accountability Monitor (Fundamentals of Social Accountability Monitoring Course) of Rhodes University, South Africa.

    Hellen Massawe | Programme Officer - Budget and Policy Analysis

    Hellen Massawe has recently joined Policy Forum as a Programme Assistant – Budget & Policy Analysis.  She is a graduate at the University of Dar es salaam where she was pursuing a degree of bachelor of Laws. She obtained a post graduate diploma in legal practice from Law School of Tanzania. Hellen has a comprehensive legal background that places prominence in policy making aspects. She finds satisfaction that comes from taking part in conceptual developments.

    Haitham Kichwabuta| Programme Officer - Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL)

    Haitham Kichwabuta has recently joined Policy Forum as Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer responsible for leading MEL activities in the organization. For more than four years, Haitham has been working in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation in environmental, agricultural and public health sector. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of project management, monitoring and evaluations and performed similar duties reporting to different donors when working with Oxfam in Tanzania and with a consultancy firm in her past experience before joining the organization. Haitham holds a degree in Environmental sciences and Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture and a candidate of a Master’s Degree of Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation in Health offered by Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences. She is longing to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in implementing Monitoring and Evaluations that is evidence-based and focuses on results.



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