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Dear Stakeholder,You are cordially invited to the 7:30 Breakfast Debate on Friday 31 Aug,2018. The Breakfast Debate will be on "Leveraging Cost in Land Titling: What are the Insights FromStakeholders?Presentation will be made by Gerald Mwakipesile from National Land Use Planning Commission. 
Tanzania is endowed with various precious minerals such as gold and diamond and like other African countries rich in resources, this fact raises questions on why the extractive does not contribute enough to the economic development of the country. On the contrary, it is widely believed that the companies involved in the sector on the continent disproportionately benefit. To add salt to the wound...
CSOs in Tanzania have called for increased clarity of the division of functions and responsibilities of the central and local government administrations in the country if decentralisation by devolution is to work. This includes clarification on property registration and valuation responsibilities, and obligations on the maintenance of property registers and revenue data. This was said during a...
Policy Forum and PO-RALG officials we sign a Memorandum of Understanding on 12th July 2018 in Dodoma.
Dear Stakeholder,You are cordially invited to the 7:30 Breakfast Debate on Friday 27th June,2018 on Political Economy Issues in the Extractive Sector in Tanzania. This Breakfast Debate is coordinated by Policy Forum in collaboration with HakiRasilimali.
Ufanisi wa mfumo wowote ule wa kukusanya kodi za majengo unahitaji ushirikiano imara kati ya Mamlaka ya Ukusanyaji wa Kodi na Halmashauri za Miji/Majiji. Aidha, ni budi kuwepo na mgawanyo ulio wazi na bayana wa majukumu na madaraka ya mamlaka hizo. Katika miaka kumi iliyopita mfumo wa kukusanya kodi ya majengo katika Tanzania umekuwa ukibadilika mara kwa mara kati ya mfumo wa kugatua madaraka...
You are cordially invited to the 7:30 Breakfast Debate on Friday 29th June, 2018 on "Central-local government Relations in Property Tax Collection in Tanzania". The presentation will be made by Dr.Lucas Katera from REPOA The debate will be held at the British Council Auditorium, Dar es Salaam from 0730am to 0930am.
Dodoma, Julai 17 2018Tarehe 14 mwezi wa Juni 2018 Waziri wa Fedha na Mipango, Mhe. Philip Mpango aliwasilisha Bungeni Bajeti ya Serikali ya mwaka wa fedha 2018/19 kwa ajili ya kujadiliwa na kupitishwa na Bunge ili kuruhusu utekelezaji wake ifikapo Julai Mosi 2018. Hotuba hii ya Waziri ilitanguliwa na mawasilisho ya bajeti za Wizara mbalimbali pamoja na mijadala.Sisi wanachama wa Kikundi Kazi cha...
Policy Forum Quarterly Meeting brings together PF members to discuss issues concerning policy processes and learning.
Budget Working Group Press Conference on the National Budget Speech 2018/2019


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