Growth with Equity- High Economic Growth and Rapid Poverty Reduction:The Case of Vietnam

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Do Duc Dinh


REPOA, Dar es salaam, p.34 (2013)


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<p>In recent decades,two mainstream development models have dominaded economic discourse and policy in developing nations.The first,variously desribedas &#39;&#39;trickle down&#39;&#39; economics, structural adjustment and macro-economic stabilisation and/or the Washington Consensus, promoted economic growth with a widening gap between the rich and the poor,in order words, a not for poor growth model.The second based on &#39;&#39;egalitarian&#39;&#39; theory ,which focus on redistribution rather than on production and business,resulted in equality without growth,or as it was ironically described by some economists,&#39;&#39;equality in poverty&#39;&#39;.</p>

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