Criteria For The Selection Of A Partner Network To Work With For Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM):


Must be a registered, not for profit, Non-Governmental/ Civil Society Organization or Network

     2. A Non Dar es Salaam based Organization OR a Dar based organization implementing SAM programme outside Dar es Salaam
3. Must demonstrate how Social Accountability Monitoring is compatible with the organization’s Long Term strategic plan (submit long term strategic plan)
4. Must allocate funds for implementation of SAM as part of cost sharing with Policy Forum as per MOU
5. Must demonstrate potential advocacy skills in improving SAM within their region or district either by introducing or re-enforcing principles of SAM towards the public and/ or government
6. Demonstrated adherence to sound financial management, including external audited accounts
7. Must be willing and able to apply a set of social accountability and monitoring tools to their current work practices and organization- specific strategy. 
8. A demonstrated experience/ knowledge with Social Accountability Monitoring, Public Expenditure Tracking Systems/ Strategies, Participatory Performance Monitoring, Participatory Rapid Appraisal, Public Expenditure Reviews, Citizen’s Juries or Independent Budget Analyst at either Regional or Local level ( Regional Secretariat Budget or Local Government Authorities Budget)
9. A demonstrated commitment to and compliance with NGO Code of Ethics and the needs of the PF NGOs Code of Ethics 
10. A demonstrated willingness to commit one member of her staff of a sufficiently qualified level for at least 2 years to coordinate SAM  activities at local level 
11. Being registered member of Policy Forum or partner and possessing a functional M&E unit manned with adequate professional staff, as well as having strategic plans that illustrate clear vision and commitment to SAM will be added an advantage.

1. Identified partner will be trained, and assisted to include this work in her future Strategic Planning and in the identification of Funding Partners. A limited Technical support will continue beyond the life of the agreement (two years) provided that this is utilized to enhance Social accountability for Poverty Reduction, Equity and Democratization in Tanzania.

2. There will be no fund from Policy Forum Secretariat to implementing partner during the course of SAM implementation

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