ANOTHER VERSION - Stakeholders Recommend Importance of Enabling and Equipping Tanzanian Youth

Stakeholders Recommend Importance of Enabling and Equipping Tanzanian Youth

A recent study by Restless Development, a Policy Forum member organization, indicates that, three (3) out of ten (10) youth agree that there are laws and procedures related to good governance and accountability that enable people to hold their leaders to account.


A review of the performance of Tanzania’s Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau, 2007-16

Stakeholders in Tanzania have been reminded that in order to fight corruption successfully, it was important to bear in mind that the vice was more of a structural problem than one of individual moral turpitude, and as such, it can only be addressed by comprehensive structural change.

Government Impressed with civil society work in Tanzania

Findings show that civil society organizations (CSOs) can play an important role in enhancing transparency and good governance in developing countries by contributing to increased public debate on issues surrounding the formulation and implementation of government budgets as well as in supporting greater transparency of public revenues.

Fast-track Tourism Infrastructure Development to Capture More Revenue

Tanzania has a wealth of natural, cultural and man-made attractions in all parts of the country which are untapped from the standpoint of tourism development.


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