Advertisement for Procuring Secured Digital Platform and Services for OCR Scanning, Storing and Easily Keyword Retrievable Digital Version of Office Hard Copy Documents & Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Cloud Backup of Workstations Data


Reference: PF/RFS/2018/03

Description: Policy Forum want to procure a Secured and Robust Digital Platform that will Store and easily Multi-Keyword Retrievable Digital version of OCR Scanned Office Hard Copy Documents. 2. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Cloud Backup of workstations data.

Date for Submission: 24th September 2018

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About Us

Policy Forum (PF) is a network of 76 civil society organisations brought together in their interest in poverty reduction, equity and democratization and pursuit to enhance and augment the voice of ordinary citizens in national policy processes. The network focuses on governance and public money accountability at both central and local levels.


Policy Forum is aspiring to become paperless entity and moving away from legacy structure within the organisation, further it intending to make the office and data that it generates to be of essential value that can translate to meaningful information

To achieve the above objective Policy Forum is intending to Identify service provider (firm) located in Tanzania with computer and IT expertise that will supply a secure and robust digital platform that will store easily multi-keyword retrievable OCR scanned documents.

Also, Policy Forum want to acquire /procure services for cloud data backup of its computer data to ensure business continuity but also easily recovery of such data that would like to participate in competitive closed tendering.

Details for Expected Suppliers:

  1. A company.
  2. Located in Tanzania.
  3. With not less than 5 years working Tanzania.
  4. With inhouse employees
  5. It has a track record of data privacy and policy to safeguard its client data and information.
  6. It is a known provider to of such service to number of clients
  7. Registered with TRA and issues EFD.

Details of Expected Services for First Service:

  1. Scanning number of hard copy files both Financial and non-financial documents to OCR pdf format or other OCR agreed formats.
  2. Installing and access to secured and robust documentation platform that will store the scanned documents and make it easily for retrieval basing on the multi keywords search within the platform.
  3. Arranging scanned documents within the platform in the number of categories that will make easily to retrieve and search.
  4. The platform should require very minimal time for managing (fully matured system)
  5. Training on the use of the platform and self-help information

Details of Expected Services for Second Service:

  1. Installing a secured and robust automatic incremental backup platform for workstation data.
  2. The backup files should be easily accessible via browser in case of disaster to ensure continuity
  3. The backup should be easily retrievable to another workstation during the recovery process.
  4. Pst. files should be easily accessible and retrievable to ensure business continuity.
  5. Training and self-help information

Specifics: Fully details of Proposed service/product either First, Second or both. Why is the proposed product is superior and summary of some of clients that are currently or in the past used your product/service.

Supplier’s Information:

  1. A brief profile of your company including staff, managerial position, years in business here in Tanzania, registrations, TIN, VRN (if possess), Reference list on your qualification and escalation procedures.
  2. Full Contact Information
Expiration Date: 
Monday, September 24, 2018


Only Shortlisted will be contacted.

Interested firm should send their application to address below by 24th September 2018 with heading PF/RFS/2018/03.



P. O Box 38486


Sembeti Str. Plot 14, House 752

(Off Mwai Kibaki Rd.) Warioba, Mikocheni B


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