Policy Forum is looking for supply of Management Information System off shelf or tailor made for the organisation

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Policy Forum (PF) is a network of 76 civil society organisations brought together in their interest in poverty reduction, equity and democratization and pursuit to enhance and augment the voice of ordinary citizens in national policy processes. The network focuses on governance and public money accountability at both central and local levels.

Policy Forum is looking for supply of Management information System off shelf or tailor made for the organisation.

The application will use platforms such as MS visual studio, API, SDk etc. MIS will be on Software-as-a-Service Cloud platform which will be “End to end business process” for all operations with Document Management capabilities, Financial /Project accounting for tracking budgets and expenses. Also donors management and HR Management.

MIS will cover

Accounting Functions:

  • General ledger, Trial balance, Audit trail (for logins and transactions), Budgets, Journals, Budget vs expenditures.
  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash flows statement, cash flow projector, realized /unrealized gains, Cash flow forecast Reports.
  • Account Receivables: new Customers & list, receivables &  employees balances, aging analysis, Invoices, receive payment, Items price lists and workflows.
  • Cash/Bank Management - writing Cheque, bank reconciliation, missing Cheque, makes deposit, transfer fund and their workflows.
  • Account Payable Centre; new bills, pay bills, Requisition management, Create purchase order, Local Purchase order & workflows
  • Multi-Currency,  Multi Users, exchange gain & loss
  • Fixed Assets, recording, listing categories, charging, depreciation and accumulation depreciation. As part of analysis tool (accounting depreciation calculations & taxman depreciation calculation)

GL will be on 4 levels data inputs i.e. for every transaction categories such as level 1 -Charts of Account and its subs, Level 2 - Budget lines & its subs/ Project Cost Centers, level 3 -Donor, level 4 - Impact Categories.

These costs can be apportioned by percentage (%) or direct input.

Payment & Controls

Inclusion of operational forms such as MEL form #1, Report Form 1, Activity/Imprest request Form, Activity /Imprest retirement Form, Payment Voucher, LPO and their workflows, payment restrictions and internal controls as per our admin and financial policies include workflows and authorization levels and signatures, Petty Cash and staff claims workflows and attaching of receipts and reports forms above, and audit trails.

HR Functions

Able and Easy of integration with HRMIS on the cloud and other apps.

Other functions/requirements:

  • Dashboard
  • Desires for later to be integrated on the mobile device apps for some of the  functions
  • Unlimited number of users/ or not less than 20 users
  • Automatic Screen fitting on the device used, Customization on different themes, Favorite for the dashboard, backups, import export on ( .xls, Pdf. Txt etc.), Batch import, batch transactions recording
  • Drag  & drop attachment, Report query tools for fields, Financial Reports Writer and Report Designer,
  • Analysis Tools: What ifs scenarios, Ability to drills down on the aggregate reports, Business Intelligence tools, power Bi tools, pivot tables, charts

MEL/ Monitoring & Evaluation

Include: Objective Verifiable Indicators, Log Frame, Activities Work Plan, Activity details, baselines, etc. and reports on the mentioned above, also include workflows.



Expiration Date: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017

Interested part should send, their applications to info@policyforum.or.tz

Including information such as profiles, previous similar work, tax status, their tentative engagement budget for the implementation including training and after service fees for support, timeline for phasing implementation, other associated expenses with the MIS such as hosting etc.  policy Forum is seeking for open minded interested part to implement according to organisation need.

Application Deadline is 18th of May 2017, the details of which is found on the http://www.policyforum-tz.org/opportunities

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